Add to watched Arsène Lupin Returns (1938)

1938 film by George Fitzmaurice


Melvyn Douglas
American actor
Virginia Bruce
actress from the United States
Warren William
Broadway and Hollywood actor
John Halliday
1880–1947; American stage and screen actor
Dell Henderson
Canadian actor and director
E. E. Clive
Welsh actor in the early 20th century
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Egon Brecher
actor, director
Harvey Clark
American actor (1885-1938)
Ian Wolfe
actor (1896-1992)
John Harmon
American actor (1905-1985)
Jonathan Hale
Canadian actor
Mitchell Lewis
American film actor (1880-1956)
Monty Woolley
American stage, film, radio, and television actor
Nat Pendleton
Olympic wrestler and actor
Pierre Watkin
actor (1889-1960)
Priscilla Lawson
actress (1914-1958)
Rollo Lloyd
American actor (1883-1938)
Sidney Bracey
Australian-American actor (1877-1942)
Sidney D'Albrook
American actor (1886-1948)
Stanley Fields
American actor (1883-1941)
Vladimir Sokoloff
Russian actor