Add to watched Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014)

2014 film by Mark Hartley


Dolph Lundgren
Swedish actor and martial artist
Molly Ringwald
American actor, singer, dancer, and author
Bo Derek
American actress
Marina Sirtis
British-American actress
Olivia d'Abo
actress, singer, songwriter
Robert Forster
American actor (1941-2019)
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Richard Chamberlain
American actor and singer, recording artist
Elliott Gould
American actor
Mimi Rogers
film and television actress from the United States
Cassandra Peterson
American actress and TV hostess
Alex Winter
British-American actor
Franco Nero
Italian actor
Melody Anderson
actress from the United States, born in Canada
Sybil Danning
Austrian actress
Shabba Doo
American actor and dancer
Tobe Hooper
American film director, screenwriter and producer (1943-2017)
Martine Beswick
English actress and model
Wings Hauser
American actor
Andrew Stevens
American actor
John G. Avildsen
American film director (1935-2017)
Laurene Landon
American actress
Barbet Schroeder
French film director
Franco Zeffirelli
Italian director and producer of films and television (1923-2019)
Charles Matthau
film and television director and actor
Gary Goddard
American film producer and director
Boaz Davidson
film director
Oliver Tobias
British actor
Greydon Clark
American film director, producer, and actor