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1947 film by Sidney Lanfield


Ray Milland
Welsh actor and film director (1907-1986)
Teresa Wright
actress (1918-2005)
Rose Hobart
actress (1906-2000)
Iris Adrian
actress (1912-1994)
Frank Faylen
actor (1905-1985)
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Lloyd Bridges
actor from the United States (1913-1998)
Norma Varden
English actress (1898-1989)
James Millican
American actor
Frank Darien
actor (1876-1955)
Chester Conklin
actor, comedian (1886-1971)
Will Wright
American character actor
Minor Watson
actor (1889-1965)
Dorothy Adams
American actress (1900-1988)
Fern Emmett
actress (1896-1946)
Nestor Paiva
American actor (1905-1966)
William B. Davidson
American actor (1888-1947)
Jimmy Conlin
American actor (1884-1962)
Teala Loring
American actress (1922-2007)
Mary Field
American film actress (1909-1996)
Esther Howard
American actress (1892-1965)
John Harmon
American actor (1905-1985)
John Hamilton
American actor (1887-1958)