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1933 American Warner Bros. musical film


Warner Baxter
American actor (1889-1951)
Ruby Keeler
Canadian-born American actress, dancer, singer (1910-1993)
Dick Powell
American singer, actor, film producer, film director and studio head (1904-1963)
Ginger Rogers
American actress and dancer (1911-1995)
Bebe Daniels
American entertainer (1901-1971)
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Una Merkel
American actress
Ned Sparks
actor (1883-1957)
Allen Jenkins
Film, stage and television actor
Ruth Eddings
American actress (1908-1955)
George Irving
American actor, director (1874-1961)
Charles Lane
American actor (1905-2007)
Dennis O'Keefe
American actor
Henry B. Walthall
American actor (1878–1936)
Toby Wing
American actress and showgirl (1915-2001)
Guy Kibbee
actor (1882-1956)
George E. Stone
American actor (1903-1967)
Jack La Rue
American actor (1902-1984)
Edward Nugent
actor, writer, director (1904-1995)
Louise Beavers
actress (1902-1962)
Dave O'Brien
American actor and director (1912-1969)
Lyle Talbot
American actor (1902-1996)
Tom Kennedy
actor (1885-1965)
Kermit Maynard
actor, stunt performer (1897-1971)
Robert McWade
American actor
Wallis Clark
British actor (1882-1961)