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1942 film by John Cromwell


Tyrone Power
American actor (1914-1958)
Gene Tierney
American actress (1920-1991)
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Frances Farmer
American actress
Roddy McDowall
British actor (1928-1998)
John Carradine
American actor (1906-1988)
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Elsa Lanchester
English-born American actress
Harry Davenport
American actor (1866-1949)
Dudley Digges
Irish actor
Halliwell Hobbes
British actor (1877-1962)
Arthur Hohl
American actor (1889-1964)
Dennis Hoey
British film actor (1893-1960)
Heather Thatcher
British actress (1896-1987)
Kay Johnson
American actress (1904-1975)
Leonard Carey
British actor (1887-1977)
Pedro de Cordoba
actor (1881-1950)
Ray Mala
actor and cinematographer (1906-1952)
Robert Greig
American/Australian actor (1879-1958)