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1955 film by Michael Anderson


Richard Todd
Irish-British actor (1919-2009)
Michael Redgrave
English actor (1908-1985)
Ursula Jeans
British actress (1906-1973)
Basil Sydney
English actor
Raymond Huntley
actor (1904-1990)
Laurence Naismith
English actor (1908-1992)
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Nigel Stock
British actor
Robert Shaw
English actor and novelist (1927-1978)
Richard Leech
Irish actor (1922-2004)
George Baker
English actor and writer (1931-2011)
Harold Goodwin
British actor (1917-2004)
Peter Diamond
British actor (1929-2004)
Patrick McGoohan
Irish-American actor (1928-2009)
Bill Kerr
Australian stage, film and television actor
Colin Tapley
New Zealand actor
Hugh Manning
British actor (1920-2004)
Patrick Barr
British actor (1908-1985)