John Wayne
American actor (1907–1979)
Henry Fonda
American actor
Ward Bond
American film actor (1903-1960)
Shirley Temple
American actress and diplomat (1928-2014)
John Agar
American actor (1921-2002)
Victor McLaglen
British-American actor (1886-1959)
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Pedro Armendáriz
Mexican actor
George O'Brien
American actor, popular during the silent film era and into the talkie era of...
Irene Rich
American actress (1891-1988)
Grant Withers
American film actor (1905-1959)
Dick Foran
actor (1910-1979)
Jack Pennick
American film actor (1895-1964)
Hank Worden
American actor (1901-1992)
Anna Lee
British-born American actress (1913-2004)
Guy Kibbee
actor (1882-1956)
Francis Ford
actor, film director (1881-1953)
Mae Marsh
American actress (1894-1968)
Mary Gordon
actress of Scttish descent, worked primarily in the US (1882-1963)
Miguel Inclán
Mexican actor
Movita Castaneda
American actress (1916-2015)
Harry Tenbrook
American actor (1887-1960)
Fred Graham
American actor (1908-1979)