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1975 film by Richard Lester


Malcolm McDowell
English actor
Oliver Reed
English actor
Alan Bates
English actor (1934-2003)
Florinda Bolkan
Brazilian actress
Joss Ackland
British actor
Christopher Cazenove
British actor
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Lionel Jeffries
English actor, screenwriter and film director
Alastair Sim
Scottish actor
Britt Ekland
Swedish actress
David Jason
English actor
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Tom Bell
English actor on stage, film and television (1933-2006)
Bob Hoskins
English actor (1942–2014)
John Stuart
actor (1898-1979)
Bob Peck
British actor (1945-1999)
Arthur Brough
British actor (1905-1978)