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1940 film by Alfred Hitchcock


George Sanders
British film and television actor
Joel McCrea
American actor (1905-1990)
Laraine Day
American actress (1920-2007)
Herbert Marshall
actor (1890-1966)
Robert Benchley
American writer and actor (1889-1945)
Albert Bassermann
German actor (1867-1952)
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Eduardo Ciannelli
Italian actor (1889-1969)
Harry Davenport
American actor (1866-1949)
Ian Wolfe
actor (1896-1992)
Martin Kosleck
German actor (1904-1994)
Gertrude W. Hoffmann
character actress (1871-1968)
Holmes Herbert
English actor (1882-1956)
E. E. Clive
Welsh actor in the early 20th century
John Burton
British actor (1904–1987)
Charles Halton
actor (1876-1959)
Frances Carson
American actress (1895-1973)
Jane Novak
American actress (1896-1990)
Otto Hoffman
actor (1879-1944)
Charles Wagenheim
American actor (1896-1979)
Barbara Pepper
American actress
Emory Parnell
American vaudeville performer and actor (1892-1979)
Ken Christy
actor (1894-1962)
Maurice Costello
American actor and film director
Jimmy Finlayson
actor (1887-1953)
Alexander Granach
German-Austrian actor
Alfred Hitchcock
British film director and producer (1899-1980)
Colin Kenny
actor (1888-1968)
Joan Leslie
American actress (1925-2015)
Harold Miller
American actor (1894-1972)
Edmund Mortimer
actor (1874-1944)
Ferris Taylor
American actor (1888-1961)
Leonard Mudie
British actor (1883-1965)