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1964 film by Anthony Asquith


Rex Harrison
English film and stage actor
Jeanne Moreau
French actress, singer, screenwriter and director
Ingrid Bergman
Swedish actress
Shirley MacLaine
American actress
George C. Scott
American actor, film director and producer
Omar Sharif
Egyptian actor (1932-2015)
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Alain Delon
French-Swiss film actor
Art Carney
American actor and comedian
Edmund Purdom
actor (1924-2009)
Michael Hordern
British actor (1911–1995)
Riccardo Garrone
Italian actor (1926-2016)
Carlo Croccolo
Italian actor
Roland Culver
actor (1900-1984)
Moira Lister
actress (1923-2007)
Isa Miranda
Italian actress (1905-1982)
Grégoire Aslan
Armenian actor
Wally Cox
American actor (1924-1973)
Richard Vernon
Film, television actor
Jacques Brunius
French actor and director
Robert Rietti
British actor and director
Martin Miller
Czech actor