Add to watched Sweet and Sour (1963)

1963 film by Jacques Baratier


Guy Bedos
French actor and comedian
Alexandra Stewart
Canadian actress
Andréa Parisy
French film actress
Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
Claude Brasseur
French actor
Daniel Laloux
French actor
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Élisabeth Wiener
French actress
Francis Blanche
French writer, actor and humorist
François Périer
French actor
Françoise Brion
actress from France
Georges Wilson
French actor and director (1921-2010)
Irène Tunc
French actress
Jacques Dufilho
French actor
Jacques Seiler
French actor and theatre director
Jean Richard
French actor
Jean-Baptiste Thierrée
French actor and writer
Jean-Marc Bory
Swiss actor (1934-2001)
Jean-Paul Belmondo
French actor
Jean-Pierre Marielle
French actor
Marina Vlady
French actress, singer, and writer
Monica Vitti
Italian actress
Pascale Roberts
French actress (1930-2019)
Rita Renoir
Strip teaser and actress
Roger Vadim
film director, screenwriter, producer (1928-2000)
Romolo Valli
Italian actor
Simone Signoret
French actress
Sophie Daumier
French actress
Sophie Desmarets
French actress
Sophie Grimaldi
French actress
Valérie Lagrange
French actress, singer and writer
Tsilla Chelton
French actress (1919-2012)
Anne Doat
French actress
Claudine Berg
French actress
Gitt Magrini
Italian actress (1914-1977)
Philippe Bruneau
French actor (1938-2012)