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1934 film by William Beaudine


W. C. Fields
American comedian, actor, juggler and writer (1880-1946)
Tammany Young
American stage and film actor (1886-1936)
Oscar Apfel
actor, film director (1878-1938)
Judith Allen
American actress (1911-1996)
Richard Carle
American actor and playwright (1871-1941)
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Jack Mulhall
actor (1887-1979)
Florence Lawrence
Canadian-American actress (1886-1938)
Otis Harlan
actor (1865-1940)
Dell Henderson
Canadian actor and director
Edward LeSaint
American actor (1870-1940)
Lona Andre
American actress (1915-1992)
Clarence Wilson
American actor (1876-1941)
Nora Cecil
American actress (1878-1951)