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1948 film by H. C. Potter


James Cagney
American actor and dancer
William Bendix
American actor (1906-1964)
Wayne Morris
American actor
Jeanne Cagney
American actress (1919-1984)
Broderick Crawford
American actor (1911-1986)
Ward Bond
American film actor (1903-1960)
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Gale Page
American actress (1913-1983)
Jimmy Lydon
actor and television producer
Howard Freeman
American actor
Natalie Schafer
American actress (1900-1991)
Pedro de Cordoba
actor (1881-1950)
Richard Erdman
actor, film director (1925-2019)
Tom Powers
American actor
James Barton
American actor (1890-1962)
Claire Carleton
American actress (1913-1979)