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1951 film by Michael Gordon


Susan Hayward
American actress (1917-1975)
Dan Dailey
actor, singer and dancer
George Sanders
British film and television actor
Sam Jaffe
American actor, teacher, musician and engineer (1891-1984)
Bess Flowers
American actress (1898-1984)
Marvin Kaplan
American actor (1927-2016)
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Mary Philips
American stage actor (1901-1975)
Michael Hogan
Canadian actor
Dick Lane
American actor and television announcer (1899-1982)
Ross Elliott
american actor (1917-1999)
Steven Geray
Hungarian film actor (1904-1973)
Tamara Shayne
American actress (1902-1983)
Randy Stuart
American actress (1924-1996)
Jack Chefe
American actor (1894-1975)
Franklyn Farnum
American actor (1878-1961)
Charles Lane
American actor (1905-2007)