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1943 American film directed by Roy Del Ruth


Red Skelton
American comedian (1913–1997)
Lucille Ball
American actress, comedian and businesswoman
Gene Kelly
American dancer, actor, singer, director, producer and choreographer (1912-1996)
Virginia O'Brien
American actress and singer (1919-2001)
Zero Mostel
American actor
Donald Meek
British actor (1878-1946)
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Douglass Dumbrille
Canadian-American actor
George Givot
American actor (1903-1984)
Tommy Dorsey
American big band leader and musician
Hazel Brooks
American actress (1924-2002)
Maurice Costello
American actor and film director
Ava Gardner
American actress (1922-1990)
Dick Haymes
American actor and singer (1918-1980)
Dell Henderson
Canadian actor and director
Charles Judels
actor (1882-1969)
Marilyn Maxwell
American actress
Lana Turner
American actress
Clara Blandick
American actress
Cecil Cunningham
Film actress (1888-1959)
Charles Pearce Coleman
Australian American film and television actor (1885-1951)
Louise Beavers
actress (1902-1962)
Rags Ragland
American actor (1905-1946)
Hugh Beaumont
actor (1909-1982)
Don Wilson
American announcer and actor in radio and television (1900-1982)
Sig Arno
German-born stage and film actor
Richard Alexander
actor (1902-1989)
Mitchell Lewis
American film actor (1880-1956)
Emory Parnell
American vaudeville performer and actor (1892-1979)
Pierre Watkin
actor (1889-1960)
Cyril Ring
American film actor (1892-1967)
Dolly Haas
German-born actress and singer (1910-1994)
Barbara Bedford
American actress (1903-1981)
John George
Syrian-American actor (1898-1968)