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1942 film by W. S. Van Dyke


Robert Young
American actor (1907-1998)
Laraine Day
American actress (1920-2007)
Fay Bainter
American actress (1893-1968)
Nigel Bruce
British actor (1895-1953)
Margaret O'Brien
American film, television and stage actress
Elisabeth Risdon
actress (1887-1958)
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Doris Lloyd
English actress
Halliwell Hobbes
British actor (1877-1962)
Heather Thatcher
British actress (1896-1987)
Jill Esmond
English actress (1908-1990)
G P Huntley
British actor
Crauford Kent
British actor (1881-1953)
Margaret Hamilton
American film character actress (1902-1985)