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1939 film by George Marshall


Marlene Dietrich
German-American actress and singer (1901-1992)
James Stewart
American actor
Mischa Auer
Russian-born American actor
Charles Winninger
actor (1884-1969)
Una Merkel
American actress
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Samuel S. Hinds
actor (1875-1948)
Allen Jenkins
Film, stage and television actor
Billy Gilbert
American comedian and actor
Jack Carson
Canadian-born American-based film actor
Dick Jones
American actor and singer (1927-2014)
Ann Todd
British actress (1909-1993)
Irene Hervey
actress (1909-1998)
Warren Hymer
actor (1906-1948)
Ann E. Todd
American actress (1931-2020)
Betta St. John
American actress
Tom Fadden
American actor (1895-1980)
Virginia Brissac
American actress (1883-1979)
Lillian Yarbo
American actress (1905-1996)