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1934 film by James Whale


Diana Wynyard
English actress (1906-1964)
Mrs. Patrick Campbell
British stage actress
Alan Mowbray
British actor
Billy Bevan
actor (1887-1957)
C. Aubrey Smith
British actor (1863-1948)
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E. E. Clive
Welsh actor in the early 20th century
Frank Lawton
British actor (1904-1969)
Gilbert Emery
American actor (1875-1945)
Henry Stephenson
British stage and film actor (1871-1956)
Jane Wyatt
American actress (1910-2006)
Kathleen Howard
Opera singer, actress, magazine editor
Lionel Atwill
English and American actor (1885-1946)
Reginald Denny
British actor (1891-1967)
Robert Greig
American/Australian actor (1879-1958)
Snub Pollard
Australian actor (1889-1962)
Tempe Pigott
British actress (1884-1962)
Reginald Sheffield
British actor (1901-1957)