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1980 film by Robert Day


Victor Buono
American actor and comic
Yvonne De Carlo
Canadian-American actress, dancer, and singer (1922-2007)
Herbert Lom
Czech-born film and television actor (1917-2012)
Mike Mazurki
Ukrainian-born American actor and professional wrestler (1907-1990)
Michelle Phillips
American singer, actress, songwriter
George Raft
American actor
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Misty Rowe
American actress
Sybil Danning
Austrian actress
Franco Nero
Italian actor
Olivia Hussey
English actress
Richard Bakalyan
American actor (1931-2015)
Gregg Palmer
American actor (1927-2015)
Jay Robinson
American actor (1930-2013)
Henry Wilcoxon
actor of British West Indian origin (1905-1984)
Victor Sen Yung
American actor (1915-1980)
Martin Kosleck
German actor (1904-1994)
Philip Baker Hall
American actor
Larry Pennell
American television and film actor (1928-2013)
James Bacon
American biographer, columnist, memoirist, reporter, and actor
Peter Mamakos
American actor (1918-2008)
Wally Rose
American actor (1911-2000)