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1934 mob film directed by Lloyd Bacon


James Cagney
American actor and dancer
Joan Blondell
American actress (1906-1979)
Victor Jory
Canadian actor
Frank Craven
American film actor, writer, director
Sarah Padden
American actress (1881-1967)
Russell Hopton
actor (1900-1945)
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John Qualen
Canadian-American actor of Norwegian origin (1899-1987)
George Chandler
American film and television actor (1898-1985)
Dennis O'Keefe
American actor
Edward Earle
Canadian actor
Willard Robertson
American actor and writer (1886-1948)
Billy West
American actor (1892-1975)
Sidney Bracey
Australian-American actor (1877-1942)
Ralf Harolde
American actor (1899-1974)
Gino Corrado
actor (1893-1982)
Lee Shumway
actor (1884-1959)