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2016 film by Régis Mardon


Jean-Paul Belmondo
French actor
Paul Belmondo
French racing driver
Richard Anconina
French actor
Guy Bedos
French actor and comedian
Jean Becker
French film director, screenwriter
Claude Brasseur
French actor
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Nicole Calfan
French actress
Claudia Cardinale
Italian actress
Alain Delon
French-Swiss film actor
Anthony Delon
French actor
Jean Dujardin
French actor
Antoine Duléry
French actor
Albert Dupontel
French actor, comedian, film director and screenwriter
Greek-French film director
Charles Gérard
French actor and film director
Robert Hossein
French film actor, director, and writer of Azerbaijani origin
Jean-Pierre Marielle
French actor
Ariane Mnouchkine
French theater and film director, theater director and author
Cristiana Reali
Brazilian actress
Jean Rochefort
French actor (1930-2017)
Pierre Vernier
French actor
Ursula Andress
Swiss-American actress and sex symbol of the 1960s
Claude Lelouch
French film director, writer, cinematographer, actor and producer
Brigitte Bardot
French model, actor, singer and animal rights activist
Michel Beaune
French actor (1933-1990)
Philippe de Broca
French film director
Jean-Roger Caussimon
actor, singer (1918-1985)
Vittorio De Sica
Italian film director
Jean Gabin
French actor, recording artist
Jean-Luc Godard
French-Swiss film director, screenwriter and film critic
Anna Karina
Danish-French actress
Sophia Loren
Italian actress
Jean Marais
French actor and theatre director (1913-1998)
Jean-Pierre Melville
French film director (1917-1973)
Lino Ventura
Italian Actor