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1998 British-American period drama film by Bill Condon


Ian McKellen
English actor
Brendan Fraser
Canadian-American actor
Lynn Redgrave
British-American actress
Arthur Dignam
Australian actor (1939-2020)
Lolita Davidovich
Canadian actress
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Kevin J. O'Connor
American actor
Pamela Salem
British actress
David Dukes
American actor
Jack Betts
Film, television actor
Jack Plotnick
American actor
John Gatins
American screenwriter, director, and actor
Rosalind Ayres
British actress
Martin Ferrero
American actor
David Millbern
American actor
Jesse James
actor from Palm Springs, California, USA
Lisa Darr
American actress
Judson Mills
American actor
Curtis Harrington
film director (1926-2007)
Mark Kiely
American actor