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1983 film by Nagisa Ōshima


David Bowie
British singer, musician, and actor (1947-2016)
Tom Conti
British actor
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Japanese musician
Takeshi Kitano
Japanese film director, comedian, singer, actor, film editor, presenter, scre...
Jack Thompson
Australian actor
Yuya Uchida
Japanese musician and actor (1939-2019)
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Kan Mikami
Japanese singer
Johnny Okura
Zainichi Korean musician and actor (1952–2014)
Alistair Browning
New Zealand actor
Ryūnosuke Kaneda
Japanese actor (1928–2009)
Takashi Naitō
Japanese actor and voice actor (1955-)
Rokkō Toura
actor (1930–1993)
Yūji Honma
Japanese actor
Daisuke Iijima
Japanese actor
Daisuke Iijima
Japanese actor
Hideo Murota
Japanese actor
Richard Adams
British actor
Mark Berg
Colin Francis
actor and composer
Rob Jayne
actor in New Zealand
Steve Smith
actor (20th century)
Mikami Hiroshi
Japanese actor